Karl Ohiri (pronounced Oh-hir-ri) is a London-born, British-Nigerian artist working between the UK, Nigeria and Finland. His conceptually driven practice explores the Human Condition and the lived experience by merging two inseparable strands of existence:

The Self:

Autobiographical and confessional works based on personal encounters, the black experience and the fears and desires of the artist. The works challenge the boundaries between the private and the public - inviting the viewer to discover the in-between personal spaces that shape his practice, thoughts and sense of self.

The Other

Societal works based on popular culture, social issues, national identity and cultural heritage. The works comment on the attitudes and culture of contemporary society, using art and intervention as a way to facilitate dialogues with the public in thought-provoking ways.

His diverse practice captures a wide range of human emotions from the light-hearted and humorous to the sorrowful and serious, in an approach that seeks to create art from the everyday, incorporating the use of photography, video, text and everyday objects. Alongside his practice he is the initiator and co-guardian of the Lagos Studio Archives. The project aims to collect, preserve and present the archives of a generation of Lagos based photographers that discarded their film negatives due to a shift from analogue to digital photography.