Selected Works


Equation for Humanity Self-Portrait with Rotten... A Year in Protest Typeface Flag

Art Will Survive A Matter of Perspective    




Hawkers Rolling Footage            The Occasion I'm Sorry I Couldn't be There

My Granddad's Car

A project between Karl Ohiri and Sayed Hasan exploring cultural heritage, migration and belonging through the journey of their Grandfathers cars from their respective homelands of Nigeria and Paksitan. They wish to bring them back to the UK and park them side- by- side in their country of birth to make a statement on contemporary British identity. Using photography, video and scupture the artists explore the intimate acts and processes involved in resolving this collaborative work.



Melting Pot What Remains             My Granddad's Car II My Granddad's Car I



Sweet Mother


A collection of autobiographical works that deal with artist coming to terms with his mother's life and sudden death. The body of work takes its title from the popular 70s hit Sweet Mother by Prince Nico Mbarga, a song that has become an anthem to celebrate motherhood throughout Nigeria and beyond. Using the camera as a tool to reconcile fears, fantasies and desires the artist takes the audience on an intimate journey of love, loss and regrets while reminding us of their universal relevance.



The Dance You Never Saw... The Crucifix           Memories of You Medicine Man


The Night I Will Never Forget How to Mend a Broken Heart In My Mother's Clothes  



Curatorial Projects

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